School Management App-PinnacleSync School Information Management System

School Management Made Convenient And Affordable

In the dynamic realm of education, PinnacleSync emerges as a beacon, offering a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for school management. Designed with the needs of educators, administrators, students, and parents in mind, PinnacleSync strives to make the management of educational institutions both convenient and cost-effective.

Streamlined Convenience:

  1. Intuitive Interface: Experience ease of use with our intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that all stakeholders can effortlessly navigate the school management system. A simple, accessible design for maximum convenience.

  2. Mobile Accessibility: Stay connected seamlessly. PinnacleSync is optimized for mobile devices, providing users with the flexibility to access vital information anytime, anywhere. Convenience at your fingertips.

  3. Centralized Data Management: Bid farewell to data silos. PinnacleSync centralizes critical information, from student records to academic data and administrative details, streamlining data management for a more efficient educational ecosystem.

Teacher Employee Login

"User-friendly" refers to the design and functionality of a system, software, or product that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility for individuals, ensuring a positive and straightforward experience.

User Dashboard

Easy integration refers to the ability of a software system or application to effortlessly connect with and utilize other systems, services.

Modular System

A web application is a software program accessed through a web browser, providing users with dynamic and interactive content over the internet.

Fit For All

"Fit for all" refers to a solution or product that is designed to meet the diverse needs, preferences, and requirements of a broad user base. 

Easy To use School Management Software

We Offer End-To-End Every Phase Of School Management

Choosing an easy-to-use School Management Software is essential for ensuring seamless operations and widespread adoption within educational institutions. A clean and intuitive user interface is a hallmark of easy-to-use school management software. Navigation should be straightforward, and users should be able to access essential features with minimal effort.

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Listed Below Are The Modules & Integration Detail, PinnacleSync School Management System

Core Modules

Resource Management

Communication Management



Admission Management
  • Admission Inquiry
  • Admission Form
  • Convert Inquiry Into Confirmation
  • Direct Link With Student Management
  • Configuration With website  Online Admission
  • Admission Follow up Details
Students Management
  • Complete profile with photograph
  • Family and guardian deatails
  • Facility for uploading documents
  • Data import & Bulk import facility
  • Auto roll number generation
  • Unbuild Id card 
  • Well design & custom search report
Attendance Management
  • Subject wise Attendance
  • Day wise/repeat attendance
  • Quick attendance
  • Daily/monthly/yearly attendance report
  • Cumulative attendance
  • Percentage attendance
  • SMS alert to absentees
Fees Management
  • Advanced fees Setup for multiple fee category with deposit
  • Student wise concession / addition
  • Multi receipt book configuration
  • Auto fee receipt generation
  • Auto SMS alert on payments
  • Mapping with account
  • Comprehensive report
Students Assessment
  • Support all abord pattern(CBSE,ICSE,IB ans State Abord)
  • CCE pattern
  • Combine exam and mark converter
  • Fully user defined and markshhet generator  with40+ inbuild design
  • Statistical, chat & graphical
Human Resource
  • Manage employee from recruiment to retirement
  • store basic, personal ,job, statutory,communication details
  • Bulk data upload facility
  • Inbuilt employee id card
  • Comprehensive employee report
  • Custom Employee Search
Employee Leave Management
  • Define leave type
  • Grade wise leave setting
  • Employee leave from with applicable leave
  • Live approval Process
  • Employee leave report
  • Employee monthly attendance Report
Payroll Management
  • Configurable fee hands
  • Define separate payroll for multiple department
  • Auto calculation for dependents fees head
  • PF and Tax deduction
  • Employee payroll slip
  • Yearly and monthly payroll reports
  • Leaving certificate
  • Bonafide certificate
  • first trial certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Transcript
  • Character Certificate
  • Custom design Template

Define Scholarship

Add students eligible for scholarship

Scholarship amount received

Scholarship paid to students

Scholarship Reports

Time-Table Management
  • Alert on subjecting exceeding subject limits
  • Alert for teacher occupancy
  • Time-Table for students
  • Time-Table Teachers
  • Proxy setting 
  • Update Daily classwork
  • Assign homework
  • Organize lesson plan
  • Syllabus schedulling
  • Update completed lesson
Front Offce
  • Visitor Log
  • Visitor's check -in-check -out entry
  • Purpose and reference employee details
  • Generate gate pass
  • Class capacity arepot
  • New admission list report
  • Left our students report
  • Students strength
  • Attendace Status
  • Mange healt check-up data
  • Students health track records
  • Predefined health cheack-up template
  •  Customize health check-up template
  • Report major abnormalities
  • Immunization chart
Event & Activity Management
  • School calender
  • Upcoming/events activities
  • Enrollment facility
  • User define color scheme
  • Mobile app integration

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